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We are a team of qualified experts that each day apply a lateral thinking not only to plan new enterprise solutions to foster our client’s needs, but also to apply a high level of flexibility in the modus operandi in order to bring benefits and value in all its forms.



Luca Padovan and Alessandro Pavan complete Family Office’ master, finalizing the subscription procedure in the book of Qualified Family Officer held by MISE (The Department of Economic Development).


Release of four investment strategies focused on performances maximization paired with a sensible risk management.


Establishment of dedicated services for professional athletes thanks to the partnership with several agents. Creation and development of a portfolio model in investment certificates.


Luca Padovan and Alessandro Pavan founded Wealth Route with the purpose of offering an innovative consultancy service capable of meeting the needs of families and businesses.


Relationship, trust and the ability to listen are the cornerstones of our activity. Hence, the relation that we establish with our customers allows us to become a partner, tying their success to ours.
Therefore, we set up a transparent dialogue with each of our clients, in order to cover every topic with the maximum clarity, ensuring an ethic continuity of the wealth and family values.


Alessandro Pavan

Founder & Head of family office

Numbers, planning and wealth management. These are the skills that define Alessandro’ professional figure. Thanks to his entrepreneurial predisposition, business and family finance join in elective affinities. Alessandro proposes himself as a partner with whom to dialogue and build, constantly reflecting on the strategies of tomorrow aimed at the individual.

Lara Covre

Back Office

Giovanni Campodall'Orto

Junior Associate

Luca Padovan

Founder & CEO

A professional who embodies the propensity for internationalization and finance in his DNA. This mix allows Luca to define himself through profound and constant innovation. International markets such as finance are in fact constantly changing, evolving like Luca in a daily path that aims at the most profound competence of the entrepreneurial world at 360 °.

Marco Falsarella


Mauro Piovesan

Insurance Advisor

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We are proud to boast a young team with international curricula and that is always eager to expand their knowledge through continuous training.

If you are looking for a place where to grow and where to deal with a wide variety of topics, with new daily challenges and without geographical boundaries, contact us!

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Wealth Route’s world!

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