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Innovative, transparent and neutral Asset Advice

We offer an innovative and exclusive service, responding to the needs of those looking for an interlocutor with whom to share their goals. We protect the client, becoming for him a global benchmark in the management of its economic interests. We guarantee to those who rely on our services transparency, impartiality, excellence, cornerstones of our consulting model. This is what brings families and companies to give us their trust.


Transparency and impartiality

We protect the interests of our clients because we are independent of relationships with Banking and Financial Institutions. We have no conflicts of interest.


Comprehensive Protection

An overall assistance for the valorization of the assets of families and their enterprises.


Expertise and Reliability

Technical expertise, independence, better cost-benefit ratio, credibility in the market, simplification, development of lasting relationships.

A team of professionals, a single interlocuto

Clear support for complex choices: choose Wealth Route!

Wealth Route is a company of Wealth Management that comes from years of significant experience gained by its Members and Partners in the field of financial markets, corporate management and assets.

Luca Padovan


The qualities that characterize it are the passion for finance, the management of resources and the entrepreneurial vocation. The combination of these peculiarities has found expression in Wealth Route, to make it a point of reference in wealth advice.


Alessandro Pavan

CEO & Co Founder

Graduated in Business Administration and Business Management, he has always had a particular organizational and management ability. A financial market enthusiast, he saw the natural development of his career path in wealth advice and in the founding of Wealth Route.

Giuliano Carlet

Graduate in Economic Development and Enterprise - curriculum Entrepreneurship and Finance at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice. He has a degree in Tax Planning, Accounting, Business Valuation and Analysis of Financial Products at the University of Zurich (Switzerland). She also attended Financial Accounting Online Specialization Courses at the University of Pennsylvania.

"I think the behaviour of too many corporations, investment banks and fund managers has undermined some of the investor confidence. We must not focus on the economic engine, but on making sure that our investors receive their fair share of returns, generated by the economic system as a whole."

J. Bogle – Vanguard

Elena Bernardi


Lara Covre

Insurance Specialist

Giovanni Campodall'Orto


Marco Falsarella



A new management of your resources, effective and secure

The market and its dynamics are increasingly complex. The diversification of instruments is growing. Our support of Wealth Management offers services of Family Office for private clients and services of Business Consulting


We take care of your heritage

Financial Planning

Assessment of the client’s portfolio and its composition in terms of financial, insurance and monetary instruments

Analysis of individual products (cost, performance, quality indicators)

Elaboration of model portfolios

Assessment of the impact of costs on the currently held portfolio, both in perspective terms and on back test

Evaluation of the congruence between the degree of risk expected by the customer, the one perceived by him and the real one of the portfolio held, also analyzing its compliance with the client’s temporal objectives.

Social Security Planning

Assessment of individual positions in order to make the best use of regulatory opportunities to bring an economic or temporal benefit

Calculation of the pension gap and search for the best solutions on the market to fill it to the most appropriate extent

Assessment of the convenience of the tax advantage generated by the supplementary pension

Estate Planning

Analysis of the family and/or business assets situation, to assess the correct planning and protection strategies, also with a view to minimizing the tax impact

The possibility to make the most of the tax systems of the various countries differentiating their assets from a tax planning perspective

Analysis of the risks affecting the economic/financial/financial/family situation and of the insurance coverage necessary to cover such criticalities

We offer advice on real estate, on its proper management and adoption of strategies to maximize yield

Investments in shelter assets can be instruments that work in a decorrelato way regarding the market and can serve in order to adequately balance the portfolios of investment

Wealth Consulting for Sportsmen

The variety of assets that make up the assets exposes the same to multiple risks. Asset advice is aimed at planning and organizing assets to preserve, optimize and increase them over time.

The cash flow for an athlete is linked to the length of the professional career. They must therefore be properly managed, protected and set aside to meet future needs.

It’s necessary to allow the individual and the family to protect themselves best against the risks to which the person and consequently the assets are exposed.


We protect the interests of your company

Establishment of investment funds

The Family Fund allows assets (which may consist of money, movable assets, real estate or equity) to be used to meet the needs of the household. Through the use of different tools, it allows, with the widest degree of customization according to the needs of the customer, to best manage a multitude of assets.

The establishment of a fund is the most suitable solution for fans of the collections, thanks to which they can continue to invest in individual assets and benefit from their revaluation, but stripped of the direct ownership of the asset. You can also manage the fund as a club deal between a limited number of subjects.

It is the right tool for those who want to merge a multiplicity of real estate properties into the same vehicle. For those who are mere investors, it generates a return that is unrelated to that of the financial markets, working over a medium-long horizon and limiting volatility.

An alternative fund is a fund that can invest in a variety of different instruments and, thanks to its flexibility, it makes it possible to exploit, at any time, the opportunities that financial markets offer. Depending on the type of asset class that is entered, the fund will have a particular risk/return ratio.

Private equity is a medium- to long-term investment in unlisted companies with high growth and development potential (high grow companies) carried out mainly by institutional investors with the aim of obtaining a substantial capital gain from the sale of the acquired investment or from the listing on the stock exchange. Private Debt, on the other hand, allows to limit the risk with lower but higher yields than traditional bonds.

It is an activity similar to private equity but the target companies are in the start-up phase and the investment can therefore expect very important yield margins.

Management and optimization of activities

Verification of the appropriateness of the costs in the relationships that the company has with its Banking Institutes of reference

Analysis of cash flows, indebtedness, cost/revenue ratio in order to eliminate inefficiencies in the business process

Management of the liquid assets of the company and search for the solution most appropriate to its needs

Finding the best solutions and opportunities by assessing flexibility, staff turnover, degree of risk, choice of collective pension funds

Tax planning and Internationalization

The tax legislation provides various instruments to lower the tax burden on society, which are often not exploited by the entrepreneur. Our transversal vision allows us to look for the most effective solution to go down taxation

The possibility to make the most of the tax systems of the various countries differentiating their assets from a tax planning perspective

Internationalisation strategies may relate to the development abroad of an enterprise, when it decides to broaden its horizons but the products/services remain unchanged, or diversification when opening new businesses abroad or looking for new suppliers or financing

Extraordinary credit management and optimization

Possibility of obtaining financing outside the banking channel without affecting credit worthiness. This allows access to the capital market

Method of advance invoices outside the banking channel, not entering the reference databases; possibility of creating alternative sources of liquidity for companies

Market capital raising for SME and start-up companies

"The only sustainable competitive advantage is the ability to learn and change faster than others."

– Albert Einstein –

Siamo qui per aiutarti.

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